Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rasmussen: Tea Party Sweeping US, Anger at GOP

Rasmussen: Tea Party Sweeping US, Anger at GOP; Newsmax.com

The Wall Street Journal's John Fund writes about "America's Insurgent Pollster," Scott Rasmussen.

Key points:

Rasmussen says "that only 23 percent of the people in this country believe today's federal government has the consent of the governed.

"Americans don't want to be governed from the left or the right," Scott Rasmussen tells the American Legislative Exchange Council, a conference of 1,500 conservative and moderate legislators. "They want, like the Founding Fathers, to largely govern themselves with Washington in a supporting — but not dominant — role. The tea party movement is today's updated expression of that sentiment."

Mr. Rasmussen tells the crowd gathered around him after his speech that the political and media elites have misread the tea party. He believes this strongly enough that he's teamed up with Doug Schoen — a pollster for both President Bill Clinton and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg — to publish a new book that will seek to explain the movement's significance. "Mad as Hell" will be out early next month. ...

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: Breaking the strangle hold the two (one) main parties have on this country is the first step and righting the country; breaking the strangle hold the two (one) main parties have on the legislative process will be the most significant step at a national level to repeal the 17th Amendment.

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