Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kerry Still Playing the Role of Mini-President

Senator Kerry to visit flood-affected areas in Pakistan; Dawn.com

Senator John Kerry, who heads the Foreign Relations Committee and co-authored a major multi-year $7.5 billion aid bill for Pakistan, said the United States has immediately accepted Islamabad's proposal for the international meeting, which is due to take place on Thursday.

He said Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had asked for a meeting at the UN later in the week.

“Secretary (of State) Hillary Clinton has quickly accepted to be there in person as will (Special Representative) Ambassador (Richard) Holbrooke, and they are going to try to rally other people to the cause,” Kerry said.

The legislator told Washington-based Pakistani journalists before leaving for the South Asian country that he would have a first -hand assessment of the worst natural disaster to hit the country as well determine its impact on the region, where the US has high-stakes engagement for a successful outcome of nine-year old Afghan conflict.

The Democratic senator, who is due to meet top Pakistani political and military leaders during his visit, said the upcoming UN meeting is not specifically a donors conference but an “effort to try to really mobilize people to understand what is at stake.”

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it the place of a senator to represent the people, not the country?


Anonymous said...

How much of that $7.5 billion will go to the Taliban by way of Pakistan's intelligence service; also in to our own military defense establishment's pockets, who will be selling them war supplies, which perpetuates the war in Afghanistan?