Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Commerce Clause

Reason TV explains how the Constitution's commerce clause was corrupted:

It's no coincidence that the Supreme Court corrupted the commerce clause only after a majority of justices were confirmed by a post-17th Amendment Senate. This is even more evidence that the 17th Amendment destroyed the Constitution's delicate balance of power between the three branches.


Brian said...


To add to your comment, the reader should try to get a hold of _The Irony of Populism: The Republican Shift and the Inevitability of American Aristocracy_, By Zvi S. Rosen; 18 REGENT U. L. REV. 271 (2006). Rosen explains the connection to the activist judges and the 17th Amendment.

I have a link to the summary, but didn't find a free copy on the web.

JohnJ said...

Whoa. Interesting.

I downloaded it through lexis. (Being in law school does have some advantages.)

Incidentally, when are you going to get on Twitter? You're never on yahoo anymore.

Brian said...

I don't know anything about Twitter...I'll have to get smart on using it.