Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chickens, Sheep, Goats, Hay, and Homesteading

My wife and I bought a small farm a few years ago and have been slowly moving toward the homesteading life. Since the beginning of the summer we have been working at full throttle in the garden, maintaining and caring for our livestock, cutting fields, and taking care of quite of bit of repair work on our outbuildings. With all this work there has been very little time for blogging and staying abreast of the shenanigans in the US Senate.

Still that doesn’t mean the need isn’t there; it is. So as soon as I can get ahead of the work curve, and with a few rainy days, I should be able to return to a normal number of postings. It will be light for me though for the remainder of the summer, but I am sure I’ll pick back up in the beginning of fall. Please be patient with me as I make this career transition.

Thanks for your support.


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Jim said...

Homesteading is definitely a career and vocation, and in these times a hedge against economic troubles. Good luck.