Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Senators Fundraising In Canada

Good lord:

The Vancouver fund-raiser was sponsored by the American Association for Justice's Committee for a Better Future. The price ranged from $43,200 to $250. The haul from the event was divided between 12 Democratic Senate candidates, according to the invitation (see the text of the invite at the click.). Foreign nationals cannot contribute to U.S. federal campaigns.

Trial lawyers overwhelmingly contribute to Democrats.

Here's the breakdown on how the proceeds of the Vancouver Democratic Senate fund-raiser will be divided:

(Michael) Bennet for Colorado: 9.30%
(Richard) Blumenthal for Senate: 7.07%
Robin Carnahan for Senate: 7.07%
Roxanne Conlin for Senate: 7.07%
(Jack) Conway for Senate: 7.07%
Chris Coons for Delaware: 7.07%
(Brad) Ellsworth for Indiana: 7.07%
(Lee) Fisher for Ohio: 7.07%
Alexi (Giannoulias) for Illinois: 7.07%
(Paul) Hodes for Senate: 7.07%
Charlie Melancon Campaign Committee, Inc.: 7.07%
Friends for Harry Reid: 20.00%

Foreign nationals cannot contribute to American campaigns, but they can buy stuff at highly inflated prices from Americans who will then donate to their preferred candidate. The "fundraising" is done by Americans, but that's practically meaningless in this context. This system is utterly broken. Repeal the 17th Amendment and throw these corrupt officials out of office.

Hat tip: Hot Air

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Stephen said...

This is only Canada! Imagine how much is gained say in Europe, China or Israel. No wonder our senators spend more time overseas than in their home state.