Monday, July 05, 2010

Senator Lindsey Graham's Dangerous Blend of Stupidity And Arrogance

Senator Lindsey Graham's Dangerous Blend of Stupidity And Arrogance; WEBCommentary; JJ Jackson

So here I am, getting ready for a nice long weekend with my family and preparing to take a break from politics when wouldn't you know it? Something happens that is just so stupid, so arrogant and so off the wall that I am drawn to scrap my plans not to write an article this week and hit the keyboard running. Thank you Senator Graham for helping to add to my workload.

Mr. Graham, I have come to find, is one of those Republicans that has always been rather full of himself. He is one of those elitists that just don't belong in Washington waving his finger at the people with a scalding tone as if to children that they need to settle down and let him just rule them. He doesn't take criticism at all well and he certainly doesn't take it from us common folk at all.

His flirtations with progressivism are numerous and his willful disregard for the Constitution is quite clear. He has, for example, supported giving law breakers crossing our borders illegally (hence making them criminals by default) amnesty and he has never taken a serious stand against government spending that falls outside of Congressional powers. Sure, every now and again he might stand up against some token unconstitutional spending but, like most Republicans, he has never, not once, seriously worked to end any of the major programs from the Department of Education to Medicaid, Medicare, Unemployment Benefits and Social Security which are eating up sixty percent or more of our federal budget and the real reasons our children and grandchildren will be slaves to Washington for generations to come. He supports Cap and Trade and voted proudly for TARP.

Of course Lindsey Graham does not ever admit that he is a progressive, socialist liberal and he finds all the ways in the world to add words to the Constitution and lie about what it says to justify his quest for power. No, he claims he is a moderate. If moderate means that one violates the Constitution on a weekly basis then perhaps he is right. However that is not what a moderate is.

It is our Constitution that is moderate. It strikes a fine balance between lawless anarchy and oppressive, tyrannical government. By violating it and helping to accrue powers not assigned to the federal government to Washington based politicians and bureaucrats Senator Graham however is on the left side, the tyrannical side, of the federal Constitution. He is, to be blunt, on the same side as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and President Obama are. Sure he may not be as far to the left as they are but let us face facts, he is to the left. ...

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