Friday, July 23, 2010

The Secret Behind Federal Government Power

The Secret Behind Federal Government Power; Bob Woods; Pinnacle Blog

The author lays out a nice concise history in his blog post; here is a short snippet I wanted to share.

Now both the House and the Senate are elected by the people with no one looking out for the powers of the states. This opened the door for the federal government to slowly absorb the state’s powers contrary to the intentions of the founding fathers. The U.S. Constitution provides no authority for the federal government to control education, agriculture, social security and healthcare to name a few, but they have successfully done so by eliminating the state’s watchdogs.

The United States of America now looks more like one big state with the federal government setting all the rules. This is another contradiction to the intent of the founding fathers. States were supposed to be test beds for political ideas. States would learn from each other what worked and what did not. Most importantly, the people could vote with their feet. They could choose to live in the states that best met their personal needs and beliefs. This power is not completely gone, with many people moving to states without state income tax as an example. But the options are slowly becoming very few. ...

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