Thursday, July 29, 2010

DNC attack: GOP = Tea Party

DNC attack: GOP = Tea Party; NBCNews

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and several Democratic House members today unveiled the new Democratic midterm attack plan against Republicans: GOP = Tea Party.

In an effort to demonstrate what they see as the dangers of Republican Congressional control, Democrats will spend the next few months until Election Day trying to tie all Republicans to policies advocated by some members of the Tea Party, including repealing the health care and Wall Street reform laws, abolishing the Departments of Labor and Education and the EPA, and ending Medicare.

Kaine said the DNC has an "aggressive" plan, along with the White House "to make sure the American people know what the Republicans really believe what their blueprint for governing is," tracking candidates' comments on the campaign trail, distributing research, and airing commercials nationwide.

He said what he sees as the Tea Party's extreme agenda is reflected in the beliefs of most of the GOP House leadership. As evidence of mainstream Republicans' acceptance of Tea Party policies, Kaine pointed to the decisions of some members of Republican House leadership to join the new Tea Party Caucus -- the first official iteration of the movement within the halls of Capitol Hill. ...

The ten agenda items on the DNC's "Republican Tea Party Contract On America" are privatizing Social Security, ending Medicare, extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, repealing the financial regulation overhaul and the health care reform law, protecting those responsible for the oil spill, abolishing the departments of Education and Energy, as well as the EPA, and repealing the 17th Amendment, which provides for the direct election of senators. ...

One reporter at the event pointed out that some of the "Contract On America's" more extreme policies, like repealing the 17th Amendment, do not reflect the beliefs of the Republican leadership. Kaine said, "We welcome anybody on the other side coming forward and disabusing Americans that this is what they plan to do. ... If they violently disagree with any of them, I'm sure that we'll hear that." ...

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Comment: In my humble opinion the time has come to support a third party and break the lock the two main parties have. As folks across the country begin to understand the ramifications of the 17th Amendment, coupled with the 16th, one can expect the DNC and RNC to work much harder to block and prevent any repeal. It's within both of these amendments (17th and 16th) the two parties derive a substantial amount of power and influence.

The whole of our nation's power should rest not in parties, special interest groups, bankers, or Washington bureaucrats, rather in the people and the states. This how the founders intended it to be.


swiftfoxmark2 said...

The progressive amendments (16th, 17th, 18th, 19th) need to be repealed, except maybe the 19th amendment, although a case can be made. I know the 18th was already repealed.

Anonymous said...

Note that the DNC didn't say one thing about the 16th Amendment...their worst nightmare would be a rallying of the American people to have a real tax revolt. However with the way Congress and Obama are going with taxes we are going to have a real tax revolt in a year after they go into effect.