Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What was the logic behind the 17th amendment?

What was the logic behind the 17th amendment? Daily Paul

Jim Brown over at the Daily Paul started a discussion (26 May 2010) centered on the 17th Amendment and it consequences. There are of course some really good comments, which are constitutionality and historically based.

Why was it ratified? I believe it killed the republic and instituted a democracy. I would like your opinions and facts.

: On another note, as I go through my automated news alerts concerning the 17th Amendment, the responses and supplemental articles to the NYT/Firestone article by the statist media complex is calling the repeal the "stupidest idea ever." What a surprise!

Well what that tells me is that the idea of the repeal is gaining traction outside of Washington DC and New York City. As it has been said before, "when you are over the target, you take the most flack." The repeal is going to happen. The states will get their rightful place back in the federal government, and power will be taken away from the elitists and special interest.


Honest Abe said...

Brian, you seem a little delusional to me. Your claims that repeal "will happen" are frankly on the same level as someone today claiming that the "South will rise again." Not necessarily because you support the confederacy but because the federal government fought a Civil War to put this matter to rest, and won convincingly. The seventeenth amendment will never be repealed. You might be "sure" that I'm wrong, but on your death bed (hopefully decades from now) if you even think of it at all, you will finally know that your prediction has not come true.

Nathan said...
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Brian said...

Honest Abe:

I may be wrong, but either one of two things are going to happen in this country within the next 20 years: 1. the federal reserve act, 16th and 17th Amendments will be repealed. This will result from the overwhelming burden the centralized federal government is placing upon the states and individual. 2. The Union will dissolve and states will break away and this is for the same reason as number 1.

The burden being placed upon the post baby boomer generations is huge, additionally the near complete loss of civil liberties and the steady growth of the police state will, I repeat Abe, will cause a major upheaval in this country. These generations will not sit back idly as the most self absorbed generation in American history bleeds them dry.

I hope the road we take is the repeal of the Fed Act, 16th and 17th Amendments, for the good of the nation, but mark my word, real change is coming.

Honest Abe said...

Oh I agree with you about the civil liberties. I hope you're right that real change is coming but hey, I guess I'm a lot less optimistic than you. Based on the laws you want repealed, my guess is we would probably disagree radically on what change needs to be made. That's the problem. A supermajority may well feel the federal government is out of control--I came to that conclusion when Bush II was installed by the Supreme Court in 2000--but no one can agree on a solution. Sadly, you may be right about social upheaval.