Friday, June 18, 2010

Reid's angle: Attack GOP foe Angle in Senate bid

Reid's angle: Attack GOP foe Angle in Senate bid; The Associated Press

Sig Rogich is a hyper-connected Nevada Republican who helped elect Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and once worked a few steps from the Oval Office in a White House corner later occupied by Karl Rove.

So which candidate gets Rogich's considerable support in the Nevada Senate race: Democrat Harry Reid or Republican Sharron Angle?

"Harry Reid," says the GOP strategist, who started "Republicans for Reid" months ago. "I could never support somebody who espouses the radical positions that Angle does."

Rogich's position is another small but significant sign that Reid, the Senate majority leader whose popularity has plummeted in Nevada, has a new hope for re-election.

Reid's rival — according to consultants and elected officials in both parties, as well as independent observers — may be a more flawed candidate than Reid. ...

The Republican mayor of Reno, longtime Reid backer Bob Cashell, calls Angle an "ultra right-winger" who is "just too far to the right for me." While Rogich and Cashell supported Reid before Angle's GOP primary victory, their concerns about her reflect the feelings of many inside the GOP establishment.

Angle, 60, was an anti-tax, anti-government social conservative years before the tea party emerged. A largely unknown former state lawmaker with 10 grandchildren, she is as far outside the political establishment as Reid is inside.

Angle supports phasing out Social Security, wiping out the Education Department and returning to the days almost a century ago when the federal income tax was unconstitutional.

She has not said how she would — or even if she would — propose replacing government pensions or lost tax receipts.

During four terms in the state Assembly, she agitated leaders of both parties as a vote-no oppositional figure with sometimes unconventional views. She wanted female inmates to enter a drug rehabilitation program devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, an idea she still defends.

Angle backs the processing of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain, a wildly unpopular idea in Nevada.

She is, for now, often the subject of ridicule.

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Comment: The above article is another example of the nonstop collusion that takes place between the two main parties, which continues to thwart real options and change in our political system.

I can't speak for Ms. Angle's position, nor will I, but for those that support the repeal of the 17th, and even those that don't but are seeking to limit government, you have to see that the path for change in this country is blocked by a number of foes, and central among them are the Democrat and Republican Parties.

This ideal of a two party system is as bad as any "crack" induced idea out there. Who in their right mind would think that life is only a road with one of two options...only a fool.

The road to real change in this country doesn't lay with fancy logos, colorful candidates or perfect hair, but through the breaking apart and removal of the barriers that have protected the establishment for the last 100 years. America's politicians have consolidated power into this centralized fiefdom that sit within the beltway of Washington DC at the expense of our rights and freedoms.

If we are going to have any chance at turning back the deficit, stopping the continued march of war, and the wholesale gutting of America's infrastructure we have to break these barriers they created, and it has to start with breaking the power of the two main parties; make no doubt about it.


Idahoser said...

slowly coming to the conclusion that the fight was over long before I ever heard of Hairy Reed. It hasn't been a republic since at least 1865. The rest is fluff. There is not only no way to win, there's nothing TO win, freedom has always been an illusion. They dangle it so you keep trying (and spending money). See, Reagan didn't win the cold war. Here we are with an incompetent communist puppet in the white house, what the heck was that we were supposed to have won?
Keep trying the same thing and expect a different result. What do they call that again?

Anonymous said...
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