Wednesday, June 02, 2010

OH Sen Brown's Dimwitted Remarks Over Oil Spill

Senator: Oil Spill Points Out Need for Change;

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says any companies that had anything to do with the oil spill in the Gulf should be held responsible.

BP is clearing the way for a containment dome in its latest attempt to stop the leak after the failure last week of Operation Top Kill.

Brown says BP and other businesses involved need to reimburse anyone affected by the spill, no matter what the cost.

The Democrat also said no new permits should be issued for drilling platforms and industry regulators need to change, as well.

"People regulating the oil industry came out of the oil companies. People regulating the mining companies came out of the mining companies. People regulating Wall Street came out of Wall Street. That's the way President Bush in those years governed the country. Those days have to be over," said Sen. Brown.

Brown also said all platforms in operation should be re-inspected and certified for drilling. In the meantime, BP warns the oil could keep flowing until at least August.

Comment: Rather than failing back on the typical left/right, democrat verse republican, paradigm struggle the politicians of the two main parties use to cloud real issues, maybe it's time to explore the US Government's role in this mishap? Maybe we should explore the effects of big government on the environment and energy industry? Maybe we should explore the lack of oversight Congress failed to exhibit all these years over the energy industry?

These are just a few questions Senator Brown might want to ask, but surely the oil spill in the gulf points to too much government in Washington.

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