Monday, June 14, 2010

GOP foe offers Reid new Angle of hope

GOP foe offers Reid new Angle of hope; The Philadelphia Inquirer

Harry Reid is looking at life from a whole new Angle.

Only weeks ago, the Senate majority leader was a dead man walking, facing a seemingly inevitable defeat in his reelection battle in Nevada. But then came Tuesday's primary, and Republicans selected as their candidate Sharron Angle, a woman who, among other things, favors bringing more nuclear waste to Nevada, has floated the idea of outlawing alcohol, and wants to abolish the Education Department, the Energy Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, and most of the Internal Revenue Service. She's not so keen on Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment insurance, either.

That would explain the uncharacteristic smile on Reid's face as he opened Wednesday morning's Senate session. Instead of his usual stem-winder denouncing the obstructionist minority, he engaged his Republican counterpart, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, in a celebration of the national pastime.

"I watched on television last night much of the performance of this 21-year-old phenom, Stephen Strasburg," the majority leader declared. "Seven innings, he struck out 14. . . . He's righthanded but reminded me so much of Sandy Koufax because he throws more than 100 miles an hour." Reid went on to discuss, in no apparent order, the Nationals' latest draft pick (from Nevada), Mickey Mantle, Al Kaline, the old Griffith Stadium, Roger Maris, and Yogi Berra.

McConnell offered the Republican response. "I was there," the Kentuckian said of the Nats game. "Remarkable."

"I wish I could have been there," Reid said. "But it was really, even watching it on TV - gee whiz."

Gee whiz?

It's a measure of this strange political year that Reid, thanks to the tea party, now has a solid chance to win a fifth term in the Senate. More than half of Nevadans have an unfavorable opinion of him - which means he should have been an easy target for Republicans as they forced him to defend the economy and the national debt. Instead, the campaign now seems more likely to revolve around Angle's oddities. Gee whiz.

Comment: The article reflects and frames the position that limited government, Angle's position, is somehow ammunition enough to get Reid back in the fight. Reid will be back in the fight because the statist are feeling the pressure and he's their poster child, who's not quite ready to be thrown under the bus.

Nevada voters will have to get to know Ms. Angle since she is new to the political spotlight, but one thing is for sure, voters across the country and Nevada are tired of politics as usual, exponential growth of the centralized government and deficit, just to mention a few of the large number of issues affecting voters. As long as she stays on target she'll do well against the "red zone" attack the government media complex will wage on behalf of Reid.


Idahoser said...

the people you're talking about have VOTED FOR Hairy Reed more than once already. You give them too much credit to think they will suddenly "wake up" and do something intelligent. The move indeed does increase the chance that Reid will be re-elected. What it doesn't do is put a RINO there instead, which makes the problem our fault but does nothing to fix it. I don't vote in Nevada. But I would rather have a real Democrat than a dam RINO. When's the last time you heard of a DINO? Even the new favorite Lieberman votes with Reid on almost everything. I don't want that from either side, but if it isn't going to be better, then let it not be MY chosen rep that votes that way. I'd rather lose than choose a RINO. At least my way I could get lucky. Your way guarantees the continued decline. Those who call themselves "pragmatic" and say McClown deserves Sarah's help, you're wrong. She diminishes herself by the association (and she can't take all that much diminishing any more)

Anonymous said...

What's the alternative until the 17th Amendment is repeal? While I'd admit that voting does little good or effects any change, when faced with socialism verses socialism light, should you stick your head in the sand and boo hoo? I guess it's just different approaches, but the most important thing is that the 17th gets repealed.