Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blagojevich trial focus shifts to alleged Senate seat sale attempt

Blagojevich trial focus shifts to alleged Senate seat sale attempt; The Chicago Tribune

It was right before the 2008 election when then- Gov. Rod Blagojevich first heard that future President Barack Obama had strong feelings about whom he wanted to succeed him in the U.S. Senate. And almost immediately, the governor had a question.

"What can I ... have a shot at getting?" Blagojevich asked his chief of staff on a call recorded by federal investigators.

As his corruption trial moved Tuesday into the marquee allegation against the former governor — the alleged sale of Obama's U.S. Senate seat — the jury spent a day listening as Blagojevich attempted to answer that question in rambling conversations with his chief of staff in the fall of 2008.

: I have tended to stay away from this story because I saw this as "state" issue, not national, but I think the former Governor is not going to lay down for the anointed one and this has the makings of a great scandal. We might just see Chief Justice convening the US Senate for impeachment proceedings.

What's your take; will we see an impeachment?

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