Thursday, June 10, 2010

1934 Cartoon

From the Chicago Tribune in 1934.

"Spend! Spend! Spend! Under the guise of recovery - bust the government - blame the capitalists for the failure - Junk the Constitution and declare a dictatorship"

I guess the game plan hasn't changed much in the last three-quarters of a century.

Hat tip: Heather


swiftfoxmark2 said...

At least this time we have an extreme Leftist as President where as when the Great Depression started, it was a centrist Republican. Economic turmoil brings about massive changes in any nation and I think we may finally reject the Keynesian models. Already, the Austrian school is gaining a lot of ground among even some mainstream conservatives.

dan said...

Take a look at this:

Bears an unusual resemblance to Bush's rhetoric...

(Note the comments about the subliminal message)