Thursday, May 20, 2010

Senate climate bill a jobs creator: study

Senate climate bill a jobs creator: study; Reuters

If you believe this one then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn...

A climate change bill unveiled last week in the U.S. Senate would create hundreds of thousands of jobs as the country moves away from fossil fuels and toward more nuclear energy and renewable sources of power, according to a nonpartisan study released on Thursday.

Between 2011 and 2020, average annual employment in the U.S. increases by 203,000," concluded the study by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

The study is the first to assess the economic impact of legislation sketched out by Democratic Senator John Kerry and independent Senator Joseph Lieberman.

U.S. government agencies are in the midst of their own economic analyses, which might not be completed until mid-June.

The Kerry-Lieberman bill, like one passed by the House of Representatives nearly a year ago, aims to cut U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for global warming by encouraging use of alternative fuels such as natural gas, nuclear, wind, biomass and solar power.

Longer term, the Peterson Institute analysis found that job gains from the first decade of the carbon-reduction plan "are clawed back" as energy prices rise and "additional power sector investment becomes more inflationary."

But the authors said that over the period of 2011-2030, "average annual employment is 6,300 jobs higher than business as usual."

The bill needs at least some Republican support to pass the Senate, but so far no Republicans have said they would vote for it this year, ahead of November congressional elections.

When the Kerry-Lieberman draft bill was made public, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it was "little more than a job-killing national energy tax."

McConnell was not immediately available for comment on the new assessment.

According to the Peterson Institute study, if the legislation became law, it would bring significant job increases during the first decade in several sectors, including 165,000 in nuclear power, 19,000 in renewable energy, 28,000 in biofuels and 96,000 related to federally-funded coal industry efforts to develop cleaner technology.

Comment: Show me where there is a measurable product being produced, electricity? There is none, it's smoke and mirrors and fascism at the core of the bill. Unless the United States starts building goods, and power plants are not goods, we'll continue to spiral down economically. Heck even if every household in America had a wind or hamster driven turbine attached to it, the turbine would be built in China. Our tax laws kill any chance of industry growth.

For those of you in Michigan and Ohio, do you think the out of work autoworkers are going to find jobs in the nuclear industry; heck no. You just can't absorb one industry into another.

This bill will kill the US economy. It's government control of the worst kind, and the construction will be subsidized by the taxpayer. This is part of the plan to get the energy industry behind the bill; why else would they support it.

This is madness. What this study is about is that the US Government along with the energy industry got a lot of Post hole Diggers together to tell them what they wanted to hear, plain and simple.

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