Monday, May 24, 2010

Republican criticizes Paul's civil rights views

Republican criticizes Paul's civil rights views; Reuters

The head of the Republican Party criticized Senate candidate Rand Paul on Sunday for questioning the landmark Civil Rights Act and said the Kentucky libertarian's views were out of step with the party and country.

Michael Steele, the first black chairman of the Republican National Committee, said Paul's criticism of provisions in the 1964 Civil Rights Act arose from the candidate's libertarian philosophy but "his philosophy is misplaced in these times."

"I don't think it's where the country is right now. The country litigated the issue of separate but equal," Steele told the "Fox News Sunday" show. "I think in this case Rand Paul's philosophy got in the way of reality."

Comment: Steele demonstrates why he's not the right guy for the future of the Republican Party, and is working with the MSM to sink Paul. Paul's comments have nothing to do with discrimination, as the MSM is trying propagandize, rather, were simply about the right of private property, a right too many Republicans have failed miserably to protect. Rand Paul is more republican than Steele will ever be.

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