Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Course..Dodd: Blumenthal 'will be OK' in Conn. Senate race

Dodd: Blumenthal 'will be OK' in Conn. Senate race; The Associated Press

Sen. Chris Dodd says he's confident that fellow Democrat and Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal "will be OK" in his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Dodd spoke to reporters Monday in Hartford about the controversy over Blumenthal's misstatements about his military record. Blumenthal is running to replace Dodd, who is retiring.

Dodd says voters know Blumenthal well and will take into account his accomplishments over the years.

Blumenthal has said on several occasions that he served in Vietnam but in fact served stateside as a member of the Marine Reserve during the Vietnam era.

Blumenthal apologized in an e-mail sent late Sunday to the Hartford Courant.

Dodd says he believes the controversy has been "blown out of proportion."

Comment: To this retired veteran, I don't think this has been blown out of proportion. It is a slap in the face of every family member with a son or daughter who died in combat. It's a slap in the face to every man or woman that served honorably who proudly served and didn't go and never lied about the fact. I think the list could go on for some time detailing this disgrace.

The bottom line is that Blumenthal lied, not once but several times. This wasn't embellishing of a story, it was a complete fabrication and an utter lie. We all know we can't trust politicians, heck Dodd demonstrates this everyday, but why put someone in Congress that could be, and most likely is, a compulsive liar?

The citizens of Connecticut have the responsibility to practice virtuous democracy. There's no fail safe built into this process to protect them from their bad choice if he is a compulsive liar or worse. The protection of their state and our country resides in their virtue. We can complain all day about politicians, but this is a distinct moment where the citizen will ultimately be responsible. Not Mr. Blumenthal, the Democrat Party or even Mr. Dodd, but squarely with the Connecticut citizenry.

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Anonymous said...

isn't there a law about faking military service? didn't some idiot just get busted for faking marine and army service? i sure hope the connecticut voters do what needs doing...