Monday, April 12, 2010

RoundTable: The Roanoke Times: Let's repeal 17th Amendment

Let's repeal 17th Amendment; The Roanoke Times

Let's repeal 17th Amendment

In 1913, the 17th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified and essentially set the several states adrift without representation. States' rights and the defense of those rights is a cornerstone to the success of this union.

Prior to the 17th, arguably the most destructive change to the Constitution, senators were selected by state legislatures to defend the states against the potential tyranny of the federal government. Eliminating that paved the road for today's unfunded mandates, including those in the recently passed health care law. These tyrannical edicts from Washington are financially crippling the states.

Ken Cuccinelli and other state attorneys general are attempting to protect the states from the federal government in the absence of constitutional representation. It matters little whether it is Cuccinelli or Chairman Mao, taking this stand is essential to the principle of states' rights.

The debate on the merits of the health care law is secondary to the debate over the ability of the states to survive the chaff constantly heaped upon the states due to the lack of representation embodied in the 17th Amendment.

Repeal the 17th.

Comment: It might all start from a simple letter to the editor...

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