Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jack Landon on 17th Amendment

Jack Landon on 17th Amendment; Sheridan Media

Monday we told you that the Bank of Sheridan / poll question centered around legislation Representative Jack Landon had introduced this last session in Cheyenne. The bill, which proposed repealing the 17th Amendment from the US Constitution, failed on introduction. The 17th Amendment put the election of US senators into the hands of the people rather than the state legislatures.

Landon says he actually began work on the legislation a year ago, and he tells us how he came to propose it.

He says that the federal government is becoming larger and more authoritative in issuing state mandates, instead of states being in a position to co-govern with the federal level as the founding fathers established when the Constitution was written.

Landon explains why having the vote go back to legislatures is a good thing.

Since the bill failed to pass introduction, Jack says the topic at this point offers up opportunities to have interesting and thoughtful discussion. In fact, he will be Kim Love's guest on the Jackson Electric Open Line this Friday on NewsTalk 930 KROE to have a dialog on the pros and cons of the issue.

Comment: It has been my contention for the movement to repeal of the 17th to take hold and grow to a full fledged national movement it must begin in the states and through the state legislators. Three cheers for Mr. Landon! Keep up the fight sir.

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