Wednesday, April 14, 2010

GOP senator worries 'No Child' revamp won't work in rural districts

GOP senator worries 'No Child' revamp won't work in rural districts; The Washington Post

The Senate's ranking Republican on education policy said Tuesday he fears that the Obama administration's strategy for turning around struggling schools will backfire in rural America.

Sen. Mike Enzi's (Wyo.) skepticism illustrated the difficulty of the two-fold challenge facing President Obama as he seeks to rewrite the 2002 No Child Left Behind law: The president wants to build a broad, bipartisan coalition for a legislative update, and he wants bold action to shake up schools that fail to make progress year after year.

In his blueprint for a new law, Obama lays out four ways of rejuvenating the nation's 5,000 lowest-performing schools: replacing the principal and at least half the staff; converting the campus to a public charter school; closing the school; or transforming it with a new principal and other aggressive interventions. Educators would be required to pick one to be eligible for certain federal aid. ...

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Comment: It's unfortunate that there are no "republicans" calling for an end to the Department of Education and getting the federal government out of a sector that is the purview of the states.

Right now the Department of Education is growing larger and at a rate faster than the Department of Defense, during a wartime situation.

It's reasonable to say that if the 17th Amendment was repealed, many of these unconstitutional department go with it.

End the 17th Amendment and end the Department of Education!

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