Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Senate, the Constitution & the Seventeenth Amendment I & II

The Senate, the Constitution & the Seventeenth Amendment; An Antifederalist's Blog

Today we see in the Senate a cadre of men and women many of whom have lost touch with those they were elected to represent and who act as elitists to whom the power and prestige of office is their right and not a privilege. Such a representation in the Senate was not the vision of either the Federalists or the Anti-Federalists, though the Anti-Federalists feared that what we have today in the Senate would eventually rear its tyrannical head. To really understand the nature of the Senate we need to go back to the Constitutional debates in 1787 and learn how and why the Senate was formed as it was so that we can better understand the damage that the passage of the seventeenth amendment did to the balance of power that our founders sought to establish. ...

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