Monday, March 15, 2010

NASA Heads Knew NASA Data Was Poor, Then Used Data from CRU

Climategate Stunner: NASA Heads Knew NASA Data Was Poor, Then Used Data from CRU; by Charlie Martin; Pajamas Media

Email messages obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute via a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that the climate dataset of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) was considered — by the top climate scientists within NASA itself — to be inferior to the data maintained by the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit (CRU).

The NASA scientists also felt that NASA GISS data was inferior to the National Climate Data Center Global Historical Climate Network (NCDC GHCN) database.

These emails, obtained by Christopher Horner, also show that the NASA GISS dataset was not independent of CRU data.

Further, all of this information regarding the accuracy and independence of NASA GISS data was directly communicated to a reporter from USA Today in August 2007.

The reporter never published it.


There are only four climate datasets available. All global warming study, such as the reports from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), must be based on these four.

They are: the NASA GISS dataset, the NCDC GHCN dataset, the CRU dataset, and the Japan Meteorological Agency dataset.

Following Climategate, when it became known that raw temperature data for CRU’s “HADCRU3″ climate dataset had been destroyed, Phil Jones, CRU’s former director, said the data loss was not important — because there were other independent climate datasets available.

But the emails reveal that at least three of the four datasets were not independent, that NASA GISS was not considered to be accurate, and that these quality issues were known to both top climate scientists and to the mainstream press. ...

Comment: And yet as Climategate grows ever larger and we find offices in the US Government, NASA, complicit, where is the Senate investigation?

We probably won't see much action from the Senate until Americans wake up because of a few reasons, two of which are, the Senate (Congress) has relegated authority for the environment to an unelected group of bureaucrats at the EPA, who were allowed to assist in the fabrication of this lie; and two, the whole thing is a scheme to increase taxes to expand government. So why investigate, right? Unless again America wakes up to the scheme and demands accountability from "our" government.


KnowYourPlanet said...

If you are interested in viewing the CRU data then go to where the data is displayed in an interactive format.

Anonymous said...

It should be said that none of our 50 states, except maybe California, New York, or Massachusetts, would sign on to a global treaty to impose a tax on the US Citizenry, which would be handed over to the global elites, if the 17th Amendment never existed.

We need to understand the role of the US Senate in ratification process as the founders intended. The states had final say on the treaties the United States would agree to, but since 1913 and the creation of the 17th Amendment, a group of 100 unaccountable individuals decides! This story is a real life “Robert Ludlum” story. The states are almost powerless to prevent the dismantling of the Union!

I agree with this weblog, we need to repeal the 17th Amendment now before this group of 100 sells our country to the globalists.