Monday, March 08, 2010

Constitutional Party Randall Hinton candidate enters Utah's 2nd District race

Constitutional Party Randall Hinton candidate enters Utah's 2nd District race; Deseret News

Randall Hinton is a Web developer by day and a constitutional philosopher by night, and if he has his way, a U.S. congressman by next year.

Hinton announced Friday he is running as the Constitutional Party candidate looking to unseat Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson in the 2nd District.

Quoting Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, Hinton threw his hat in the ring with a denunciation of government overreach, the nation's "moral deficit" and unconstitutional laws.

"We are experiencing taxation without representation on a massive scale," he said, citing several "unconstitutional laws" that are devastating the American political and economic systems.

Among those laws, he contended the 17th Amendment is causing nearly all the problems in Washington, D.C., today. The 17th Amendment, ratified in 1913, gave voters the responsibility for choosing each state's two U.S. senators. Before the amendment was passed, state legislators selected U.S. senators.

"The Senate was never meant to be popularly elected," Hinton said. "It's about time to give power back to the states."

: It's at the local and state level where the movement to repeal the 17th Amendment is taking root. Get local folks!

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danq said...

I voted for a Constitution Party candidate once, a Senate candidate who ran against Specter in 2004 - and got 4% of the vote!!! Quite unusual for a third party, huh?

PA Election Results 2004

The Constitution Party is the only one to specifically oppose 17th in their platform. Unfortunately, they are no longer on the ballot in this state.