Thursday, January 14, 2010

Solve Problems, Repeal the 17th Amendment

Solve Problems, Repeal the 17th Amendment; Kenn Jacobine; A View From Abroad

The 17th Amendment (direct election of senators) to the U.S. Constitution should be repealed. It has done more damage to the integrity of our political system than almost anything else. It has made it easy for Congress to enact unconstitutional laws, destroyed federalism, which was an important check on federal power, and has ironically given more power to special interest groups over the people it was intended to benefit the most – the common citizen. ...

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Comment: I'm glad to see postings like this, but I hope the author checks out some of the links we have on the right hand side of the web page to the scholarly papers providing comprehensive history and consequence analysis of the 17th, which would have made for a stronger augment.


danq said...

Surprised to see this on Salon, it's such a left-wing source.

Jared said...

Repealing the 17th may be an issue that reaches across party lines--distrust of the fed govt is universal. We need to get the 9.12ers, tea partiers, etc talking about this. Anybody know which of our current Senators would support repeal of the 17th Amendment?

JohnJ said...

To the best of my knowledge, no current senator supports repeal. But if enough people demand it, the politicians will support it.

Rand Paul and Peter Schiff are two Senate candidates that have expressed support for the idea before.