Saturday, January 02, 2010

Can Martha Coakley (D-MA) Lose?

Senator Coakley's Republican challenger Scott Brown is gaining massive online support:

Largely shunned by the Republican establishment, Brown has utilized an online strategy which has ignited a grassroots campaign to get Brown elected. Do a Google search of blogs, and you will see that Brown is the talk of the internet, and most posts about Coakley are negative. While the mainstream media still holds great sway, Brown is seen as rising and Coakley as more of the same. Brown is winning the online battle.

It's interesting that the national GOP refuses to assist Brown, despite that he promises to oppose Obamacare. I'm willing to bet that if Brown unseats Coakley, the GOP will find someone to vote in favor of Obamacare. That's how these politicians cover for each other while trying to take credit for opposing them too.

But it would be nice to see a senator elected without the support of the national party.

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