Friday, December 04, 2009

US senator floats 'war bonds' idea for Afghanistan

US senator floats 'war bonds' idea for Afghanistan; AP

A special tax? War bonds like those that fueled the US military in World War II? A spending freeze? US lawmakers wondered aloud Tuesday how to pay for a new "surge" in Afghanistan.

"There isn't any miraculous way to pay for it, but some have suggested -- and I think it's worth considering -- whether or not you have war bonds," said Democratic Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

"I don't know whether you can raise enough money, I don't know what capital is out there to be able to do that, but I start off thinking that we'd be better off to borrow from ourselves than to borrow from China," he added.

US lawmakers have increasingly worried about the national debt, which soared 4.9 trillion dollars under president George W. Bush and has climbed 1.6 trillion since Barack Obama took office in January and now tops 12 trillion dollars. ...

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