Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Next stop for Nader: US Senate from Connecticut?

Next stop for Nader: US Senate from Connecticut? AP

Ralph Nader says he wants to gauge the level of grass-roots support before deciding whether to make a bid to represent Connecticut in the Senate.

The 75-year-old consumer advocate and Connecticut native said Friday that he is "absorbing" feedback about a possible bid. He was appearing at a book signing at the Noah Webster Library in West Hartford.

The Connecticut Green Party is trying to persuade Nader to challenge Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd in the hotly contested 2010 Senate race. Nader was previously a Green Party presidential nominee.

State Green Party spokesman Tim McKee says he's getting positive responses to the idea of Nader for Senate. He says social networking Web pages are springing up that are urging him to run.

Comment: I have to say that I have nothing against Ralph Nader. While I disagree with him on a great many policy issues, I do in fact agree with him on a few, especially his position to break the monopoly of the Demopublican Party (the one major party in Washington).

However, does he represent the ideals and norms of the citizens of Connecticut? And more importantly has he spent his political career to date, at least a good part of it, focused on the state of Connecticut. Well the answer is pretty much no.

I firmly believe that if you have not served any time in the respective state legislative body you have no business running for the office of US Senator. Why; because the founders intended for the states to be represented in the US Senate! You can’t represent your state if you haven’t served it.

Time to repeal the 17th Amendment folks, other wise we will continue to see the US Senate becoming the place of power of those in the media.

Update: And it goes for this guy too.

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