Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dems mull limits to Christie powers

Dems mull limits to Christie powers: Politico

Two months after Massachusetts lawmakers came under criticism for altering the state’s succession laws for partisan purposes, New Jersey Democrats have launched a similar effort designed to limit Republican Gov.-elect Chris Christie’s appointment powers in the event of a Senate vacancy.

Amid concerns about 85-year-old Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s ability to serve out his full term, which expires in 2015, a Democratic state legislative leader last week introduced a bill that would require the governor to appoint a lawmaker from the same party as the departing officeholder within 30 days of the vacancy.

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Brian L. said...

Boy, those Democrats just can't seem to handle allowing Republicans to make big-boy decisions these days, can they?

What a joke. These nitwits should just move back to Mother Russia, where they belong.