Friday, December 11, 2009

Abortion Lobby Gives Six Times As Much $$ to Senate As Antiabortion Lobby

Follow the money:

As the U.S. Senate weighs contentious changes to federal abortion policy, the Center for Responsive Politics has also found that pro-choice interests have given sitting senators roughly six times as much as pro-life interests have contributed to them.

Overall, individuals and political action committees classified by the Center as part of the abortion rights lobby have contributed about $3.4 million to current senators since 1989. By contrast, individuals and PACs classified by the Center as part of the anti-abortion lobby have contributed just $559,000 to current senators during the same period. (See methodology note below.)

This is just a really bad way to make decisions. Laws should not be based on who gives the most money to Congress. But there's so much power in D.C. that the rich give them all this money because they know there's going to be a return on their investment. Quite frankly, the federal government has no Constitutional authority to regulate abortion.

Repeal the 17th Amendment so that states can reclaim their power, and the federal government will become less corrupt because it will have less power to corrupt it.

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