Thursday, November 05, 2009

Senate Republicans boycott climate meeting

Senate Republicans boycott climate meeting; LA Times

Their move, shortly before German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Congress to act on the issue, underscores the difficulty of negotiating legislation on global warming.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Congress on Tuesday to take dramatic action to stop climate change, but the political difficulties were evident as Republicans boycotted a Senate committee meeting on a global warming bill.

"We cannot afford missing the objectives in climate protection," Merkel said in a joint session of Congress. "The world will look to us, to the Europeans and to the Americans."

Before Merkel's speech, Republicans shunned a meeting of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to protest the refusal of Chair[man] Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) to order a new analysis of the legislation. The walkout stalled action on the 959-page bill.

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: I'll echo what I have read on a couple of other sites; Merkel was telling the United States to surrender her sovereignty.

In the header of this weblog I wrote,"We should fear the oligarchs more because our Constitution cannot be spoiled by bombs, the courts, or the President; only through legislation." I wrote this during a time when many were derailing against Bush the Younger, and rightly so as he shredded the Bill of Rights and plunged us into an endless war, but too many missed the crux of the matter. The President is only as strong as the people, through Congress, allow the office to be. Unfortunately the people have relegated themselves to the position of a prole and allowed a morally bankrupt group of criminals occupy the Congress. As such Congress did Bush's bidding.

At present we are faced with something even more menacing than the Patriot Act; it is the Copenhagen Agreement. In short order President Obama will go over to Europe and will begin to restore Europe's dominance over her former colonies. And then almost certainly as he returns with said document in hand the United States Senate will ratify the treaty fully restoring governing authority of these United States to European control thus destroying the Constitution "through legislation." The face of treason may be Obama's, but the hands on the knife will be the Senate's.

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