Sunday, November 22, 2009

Senate Healthcare Bill has giant loopholes for illegal aliens

Senate Healthcare Bill has giant loopholes for illegal aliens;
H.R. 3590. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Written by a bunch of failed lawyers turned politicians, the Senate Healthcare Bill makes obfuscation an art form as it provides giant loopholes for benefits for illegal aliens.

The new legislation, constructed by Harry Reid and company certainly one-ups the Pelosi team when it comes to legal mumbo jumbo (a technical term) and vague attempts at appearing tough on illegal immigration.

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Anonymous said...

Have kids and never have a moment of peace? Just wanted to take a bubble bath or even go pee? How about slavery? Didn't they at least have a moment they could breathe fresh aire? Were you ready to have your every move monitored with a healthcare bill passing...your freedoms are at stake more than you ever thought possible. Don't think they don't want to tell you what, when, how, where, etc. You thought you couldn't breathe with the children at age 2 and 3 just wait