Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Put cybersecurity chief in DHS not the White House, Senator says

Put cybersecurity chief in DHS not the White House, Senator says;

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine), the Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, raised the issue most recently. Delivering a speech on cybersecurity issues at George Washington University on Monday, Collins rejected the idea of a White House led cybersecurity effort and insisted the leadership would have to come from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

"Effectively managing government cybersecurity is going to require more than a few staff crammed into a cubicle in the depths of the White House," Collins said in her speech.

She said that while the National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies have the needed cybersecurity resources, "privacy and civil liberties" issues preclude them from taking leadership.

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Comment: When cyber-security (avian flu, H1N1, immigration, border security, airport security, disaster response) falls under the Fatherland's Department of Homeland Security, it isn't going to be about protecting our so-called infrastructure, it's going to be about monitoring you and me.

Real protection of any infrastructure is about freedom and growth; the more you seek to contain the less secure you are, where as the more you're open and allow for growth the stronger you become.

If this was simply a matter about protecting the federal bureaucrats' computers from the dreaded hacker I wouldn't care who manages it, but we know since LBJ this country has been heading down the police state road where the US Government repeatedly invades our privacy and has systematically wiped out our civil liberties.

I say bunk! There isn't need for a cyber-Czar or for that matter the Fatherland's Homeland Stupidity. What's need is freedom and deregulation and getting government out of lives!

Collins is one of 100 oligarchs that sits on her high throne dictating to the US citizenry and the states their every move. This has to end; we need freedom, not "aggressive oversight and continuous real-time security monitoring and analysis." I'm not sure about you, but my computer is fine with my little old anti-virus program, and I know what's left of US based businesses won't be looking for old Uncle Sam and Susan Collins to protect their computers.

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