Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lieberman Suggests Army Shooter Was 'Home-Grown Terrorist'

Lieberman Suggests Army Shooter Was 'Home-Grown Terrorist;' Wall Street Journal

A senior U.S. senator on Sunday said the shootings at Fort Hood could have been a terrorist attack, and that he would launch a congressional investigation into whether the U.S. military could have prevented it.

Comment: Yesterday I asked if Lieberman was for real, and today I read that he certainly is. So instead of calling this what it is, a nutcase gone wild, Lieberman's going to milk the tragedy in order to get the momentum back into the police state crusade.

Yep, the United States is going down the toilet so let's pull out the old Governing By Crisis Playbook and divert everyone's attention on the fiction, just long enough until Hollywood can get another season of American Idol on the tube. But until then, be on the look out for the moooselums!


Anonymous said...

My Comment is this. I am VERY interested in Repealing the 17th Amendment. However, I find very little on this website to do with the subject. So to me... This website is irrelevant. I suggest you refocus or change the website's name...

Brian said...
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Brian said...


Have you taken the time to read the content in the header of the weblog; it says clearly, "This weblog calls for the repeal of the 17th Amendment and addresses the abusive hegemony committed by the U. S. Senate."

I would only collect enough content to post once a month if I were strictly focused on the repeal of the 17th Amendment. It's too esoteric to attract readers.

With that said, if we don't draw attention to the abuses committed against our country and citizenry by the US Senate how then will we convince people to join the cause? Please keep in mind that the issue is larger than just the 17th Amendment, it is about how US Government since 1913 has become the tyrannical machine that the founders foresaw and attempted to put into place mechanisms to prevent it from occurring. But in 1913 the elected officials began to dismantle them and continue to be to this day. I say with complete trepidation that the Department of Homeland Security, along with the clowns in the US Senate that sit on the oversight committee, is a threat to our freedoms. Why do we even need DHS in the first place?

Now I suppose you may actually support Lieberman’s congressional investigation for whatever reason and have responded as you did because I disagree. If this is the case then I think you should be up front, and likewise at least use your first name.

Tom Sawyer said...

I agree with your sentiments on the 17th amendment and also with most of your cynicism regarding government and politicians in general. I also agree with what you stated in your comment above about the DHS. See my blog, The River, for more evidence of that.

I wish, however, to pose this question for you. Would you not agree that this incident at Fort Hood was an example of exactly that sort of thing which the DHS was supposed to prevent? That being the case, isn't the fact that it was not prevented prima facie evidence that this bureaucracy is not doing its job? And while Joe Lieberman is not the best representative of limited government in the Senate (is there even one) is it not at least somewhat of a good thing that someone is willing to investigate it in an attempt to hold it accountable?

Brian said...

Law enforcement will investigate this incident. There is little doubt that there is the Criminal Investigation Division, Counter Intelligence, Military Intelligence on the scene as well as the local, county, state, and federal law enforcement, so what can Joe Lieberman bring to the table? The answer is grandstanding.

I think it would be valuable to ask why the US Military continues to be deprived of their 2nd Amendment right on post. Certainly lives would have been saved if our men and women were able to protect themselves. If Mr Lieberman asked this question, a question meant to ensure the citizens' civil rights were protected, then I might cheer him. Because after all real homeland security has always been the 2nd Amendment.

Tom Sawyer said...

Good stuff. Thank-you.