Sunday, November 08, 2009

House Passes Legislation with Public Option

While the House strained out new health care regulations, Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham say that it won't pass the Senate:

I think this shows how ridiculous it is to have a divided legislature where both houses are elected. The original intent of the Senate was to put a restraint on the democratic House. Since the 17th Amendment, it has clearly failed that role. The only way to begin to restore Constitutional limits is to restore the Senate.


Anonymous said...

JohnJ wrote: "Senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham say that it won't pass the Senate."

Those two knuckleheads can say all the want right now, but when push comes to shove they are as big government, statist, and fascist as you can get in Congress. I won't be surprised if Lieberman doesn't put in a clause requiring all Americans to be thumb screened by DHS before taking any medication!

JohnJ said...

Exactly my point. Senators cannot be trusted to do the job that the Senate was originally designed to do: restrain the federal government. All objective measures indicate that the federal government exploded after the 17th Amendment. It's time to recognize that it was a bad idea.