Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Explaining cost savings in the Senate bill: Really?

Explaining cost savings in the Senate bill; Los Angeles Times

Note: This piece confirms media collusion with the government health care plan being forced on the nation.

If the Senate bill is estimated to cost $848 billion over the next decade, how can Democrats say it will cut the federal budget deficit by $130 billion?

The Congressional Budget Office says that the government will take in more in revenues from taxes and fees -- and save money by trimming the fat out of Medicare -- than it will spend extending health coverage to more Americans.

Under the Senate plan, a tax on high-cost insurance plans is expected to generate about $150 billion over the next decade. Fees on drug companies, medical device makers and insurers are expected to bring in about $100 billion. The bill also raises the payroll tax on high-income workers who receive Medicare.

At the same time, it projects extracting about $436 billion in cost savings in Medicare over the next 10 years, mainly by changing the way doctors and hospitals are paid.

Read the rest of the propaganda piece here

Comment: Saving the taxpayer money has never been something the Federal Government has done or will ever.

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