Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vote set for health overhaul in Senate committee

Vote set for health overhaul in Senate committee; AP

The pivotal Senate Finance Committee was poised to approve sweeping legislation Tuesday requiring nearly all Americans to purchase insurance and ushering in a host of other changes to the nation's $2.5 trillion medical system.

Much work would lie ahead before a bill could arrive on Obama's desk, but action by the Finance Committee would mark a significant advance, capping numerous delays as Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., held marathon negotiating sessions — ultimately unsuccessful — aimed at producing a bipartisan bill.

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Comment: The only people that won't have to buy this crap is Congress!

Folks this is plain socialism. But ask yourself why are republicans working produce a bipartisan bill when clearly 90 percent or better of the rank and file republicans are against this? Because these people who occupy the seats in the US Senate are not our representatives, but are the self-appointed oligarchs that will impose their will upon the plebeians at the behest of the special interests. The is the result of the 17th Amendment.

Wake up America the oligarchs are about to intercourse this country. The founders never ever intended anything like this health debacle to be imposed upon the people -and don't give me that crap that if they had our medical advances they would too - nor would they ever have allowed for the federal government to exercise the power it does today.

This is tyranny people. Do you understand they are creating a law that will force, legally force us ultimately at the end of a gun, you and me to buy mandatory medical insurance? In the end they will take over the whole medical sector just like the former Soviet Union.

This kind of abuse of power was fully known by all the founders, which is precisely why the houses in Congress were divided between the people and the states...and why the majority of power was to reside in Congress and not the Executive Branch.

The States must have their rightful place in the federal government; the time is now to repeal the 17th Amendment. Time is growing very short...tyranny is breathing down upon our neck. Wake up America!

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