Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a reminder that our government is not a “Democracy”, it is a “Constitutional Republic”.

From a recent commenter, ITookTheRedPill, on Michelle Malkin's weblog originating from a discussion about the social/fascist health care bill being jammed through Congress by the Left:

Just a reminder that our government is not a “Democracy”, it is a “Constitutional Republic”.

The only part of our government that the Constitution explicitly established as a representative Democracy is the House of Representatives. It is the only part of our government where you can’t be appointed to the position, and MUST be elected by the people. We’ve had Senators, and even one President (Ford) who were appointed, and not elected.

The rules of the house are that of a Democracy: majority rules. And we have seen what has happened ever since the Democratic Socialists won a majority in 2006 and Pelosi became Speaker. The abuses we have seen in the House reveal how easily a pure Democracy can be overtaken by a small majority and then driven into the ground.

Our Founders were brilliant (and I believe divinely inspired) to make Senators elected by the State legislatures and not the general populace. I think the 17th Amendment was a HUGE mistake, and should be repealed, just as the 18th Amendment was.

Our Founders were brilliant (and I believe divinely inspired) to make the President and Vice-President elected by the Electoral College and not the general populace. I think it is a huge mistake for the individual states to select Electoral College Electors by popular vote for a particular candidate pair.

The Democratic Socialists hate our Constitutional Republic. They seek every means possible to turn our Republic into a pure Democracy, because they know they can take more power, faster, if we ignore the Constitution and the “rule of law” and only head “the will of the voters” and allow “the rule of the majority” (a.k.a. “mob rule”) to dominate.

Which brings me to this 1,900 page “Health Care” bill. Republicans, alone, are powerless to stop this in the House, because the minority has no power in the House. It will only be with the help of “Blue Dog” Democrats that the Republicans will have any hope of gaining a majority of votes in the House to stop this bill there.

Assuming this passes in the House, we move to the Senate. Thank God our Senate is not a “Democracy”. But, of course, Harry Reid wants to use the “reconciliation” process to turn it into one! Which brings me to my final question… what would it take for Republican Senators to force that the entire bill be read out loud before it is voted upon? To the best of my knowledge, bills are supposed to be read out loud, and it is only by suspending the rules (which unfortunately is the norm, rather than the exception) that bills are voted upon without having been read out loud.
Comment: No, our Senate is not a "Democracy," it is an Oligarchy, where each Senate views him or herself as Commander in Chief. But friend, I would not put too much hope in the Republicans of the US Senate. They do not represent their states nor constituents, only special interest group.

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Tom Sawyer said...

She frightens me, though, when she ascribes divine authority to the Constitution.