Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disaster Known as the 17th Amendment

From the commenter "upstateNYerMdwst" in Lieberman to Filibuster — And What’s Obama Going to Do?

I think this is yet more proof that corporations “elect” the Senators, not the people. Maybe we do the actual physical work of electing, but most of the Senators care only about those who donated to their campaign. Yet another reason why I strongly support repealing that disaster known as the 17th Amendment. Then there would once again be no campaigns for Senators, and the Senators would actually represent the State and their people, and be directly accountable to the State legislature, instead of corporations, unions, or other “groups”. Of course, the chances of this ever happening are pretty much zip :(.
Comment: Alone I think the commenter is right, but with a package of reforms meant to return sovereignty to the states I am inclined to believe (hope) repealing the 17th would be part of the whole package.

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