Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Senators spar on health bill's effect on seniors

Senators spar on health bill's effect on seniors: AP

Republicans argued health legislation would hurt seniors and Democrats said it would do nothing of the sort as the Senate Finance Committee resumed debate Wednesday on a bill to remake the nation's health care system. ...

Republicans are raising a slew of questions, from the legislation's cost to its basic constitutionality, and only a few amendments out of 564 pending have been dealt with. ...

Baucus announced $50 billion in changes Tuesday to address that issue. The most significant would sweeten the subsidies for individuals and families with incomes up to four times the government's poverty level — which would work out to be $43,320 for individuals and $88,200 for a family of four. Baucus also decided to reduce the penalty for families who defy a proposed requirement to purchase coverage, from $3,800 to $1,900.

Comment: Wow it's great to see that Republicans are concerned with the constitutionality, maybe they should have considered it while they were in power. But real and authentic constitutionality concern will come when the States demand their rightful place within the Constitution framework as it was for the first 140 years of our nation's history. Repeal the 17th!

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Anonymous said...

What the hell were the people of Montana thinking, electing the tyrannical Max Baucus. He whined about Humana informing seniors about possible ramifications of the health bill, and all of a sudden, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid are ordering insurance cos. to stop sending out such notices! I hope he loses his next election and dies in obscurity.

--Mike P.