Tuesday, September 08, 2009

One Party, One Health Care Plan

Time running out for bipartisan health compromise; AP

...Baucus would impose a fee on insurance companies to help finance coverage for uninsured Americans.

It's not clear whether that would win support of two key Republicans in the group, Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Mike Enzi of Wyoming. The Baucus proposal reflected many of their priorities, chief among them the decision not to include the so-called public option to compete with private insurers. ...

Comment: When I converse with friends who are long time Republican Party members, the idea of any government run national or universal health care plan or system is not on the table; they view the issue in terms of socialism. Yet here we have one of a thousand news stories reporting how US Senators from the two dominate parties are working toward a health care compromise. What gives? No matter how we, the citizenry, view the political system, our US Senate and much of the House are beholden not to our ideals and norms, but to theirs, and those of the special interests they support.

You Republicans are going to wake up one day and read how this slice of socialism has been supplanted into our free society and not realize you just got "intercoursed" by your Republican elected Representative.

We have to understand this one central point; our US Senators do not represent the citizenry, because if they did this whole health care issue would be a non-starter. The vast majority of the citizenry doesn't want it, yet here we are and it's on the table.

We must repeal the 17th Amendment and restore the rightful place of the States within the body of the Federal Government, as the founders intended. Otherwise our we will continue to march toward this new amalgamated social-fascist state that will strangle our very being.


stephenhopkins said...

From my perspective the two main parties are central to any repeal opposition. It's in their best interest to block it! We have to abandon the idea that we need parties in this country.

JohnJ said...

Unless and until American people start supporting freedom, no politician can get elected who is less socialist than the constituency.