Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Elections for sale?

HT: jbrent at the Repeal the 17th Discussion Board

Elections for sale? LA Times
If the Supreme Court lifts restrictions on corporate campaign contributions, watch out.

...Since the nation's founding, our constitutional story has been one of democratic progress, moving toward broader enfranchisement and more meaningful political participation for individual Americans. Regulation of corporate influence in elections has helped make this progress possible. Indeed, one of the animating concerns of the 17th Amendment, which secured direct election of senators by the people, was the outsized influence corporations were having on the selection of senators by state legislatures. ...

Comment: Aside from the writer's lack of concern about the 1st Amendment, he lacks knowledge about the 17th. The "special interest" argument was propaganda but forward by the progressives, and current research supports this as well; it just isn't the case.

Does anyone in his or her right mind really believe there is less influence in the US Senate today than 100 years ago?

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