Saturday, August 22, 2009

Semper Fi, A--Hole!

Marine Corps veteran David Hedrick posed a tough question to Rep. Brian Baird. Our Senators and Congresscritters don't know how to uphold their oaths. The 17th Amendment removed the structural protections of the Constitution, and unleashed an ever-growing federal government. The first step in rediscovering our limited government is to repeal the 17th Amendment. (We should also remove the Executive veto and make judges more accountable, but let's take one step at a time.)

Hat tip: Hot Air


Anonymous said...

You know John J, I agree with you from the other side of the aisle! My Husband was diagnosed with leukemia and no health insurance, although we kept insurance for most of our lives, up to the point where 50% of our income was going to health insurance for $2500 deductible, catastrophe coverage only, over powered our budget and common sense at $800 per month, so we finally dropped it! a year later he was diagnosed, we was honest and up front with the hospital and all doctors, they all were willing to work with us and we are now debt free from all bills one year later! We paid some of them, the big phamacy obama demonizes supplied the expensive shots free, Hospital gave us discounts, doctors knocked off 50%! screw obama, I love America and their giving hearts!!! They saved us and made him feel valuable at the same time!! God Bless the U.S.A.!! I want insurance, I want to be responsible, I owe no one! but..... I DON't Want any Obama healthcare junk!!! Give me a chance and I will repay my debts, just need understanding from america not charity!! Tort reform needed though! There is another solution and it is so simple it is just ignored!

JohnJ said...

I am so glad things worked out for you. That had to be a very difficult time in your lives, but it's good to see that you made it through.

commoncents said...

Awesome post! Keep up the excellent work!!

ps. Link Exchange?

Anonymous said...

Like the other gal said, if u don't have insurance the drs & hospitals do give 50% dicounts, my pharmacy helped me
reduce my mess from $180 month to less than $12! There r low cost clinics, kind drs, payment agreements, etc... Obama is taking this one extreme to another...what once was about health care is now about control and freedom. Thank u for waking America up Obama! Now get your hands out of my energy, auto industry, and out of my healthcare!

tomj said...

Super post, this is the way America does work if the Obama democrats would just listen instead of blocking their ears and charging ahead. Tom

Anonymous said...

I don't want my company giving away potential profits on the assumption that is my responsibility as a stockholder to care for the disadvantaged or underinsured.

I don't expect as an employer to be expected to provide insurance to employees because my country tells me to.

But as a taxpayer I am willing to support a society that cares for its own. I will pay the taxes to do this, as long as everyone does.

JohnJ said...

"I will pay the taxes to do this, as long as everyone does."

There's your problem. You will only care for people if others are forced to do likewise. Your ethic is based on an immoral selfishness, and not real compassion for others. Real charity is about doing what you can to help, not about meeting a minimum. Real charity is being more concerned with those you are helping than with forcing others to live up to your idea of morality.