Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Defend Capitalism

By Aaron Clarey (Part 1 of 14):

For all those interested in learning how to talk to others about capitalism, I highly recommend this series.

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Anonymous said...

My thing is that this documentary breaks this discussion down too simply.

What if there were certain services that were endowed to everyone and inalienable, regardless of education and labor being brought into the community. That being education, healthcare, land and reproduction.

Think of how we were as tribes, and how we often provide these services freely to one another in the obligation that they would do the same if we were in need. Now I am not arguing for the state to have these powers, which is what socialism is, by dividing up the wealth to how the state see fit. But as it stands, we have already been under socialism since this government was founded. When the constitution was created, it only allowed men and land owners to have a say in elections and to decide policy. Well that original patronage to land ownership will now make land ownership in America a scarcity, because those who want to control power will make it harder for others to gain land ownership and thus means of capital. Where is the free enterprise in that? To practice good capitalism, we have to allow laborers to also have equal access to their own capital, which has not been happening, and is why true capitalism have never been erected in this country in the first place.