Sunday, July 05, 2009

ID and the Super-ego

There was a lot of misinformation put out about the Real ID Act. The most serious bit of misinformation is that states were required to have their drivers' licenses meet certain criteria. Despite what you've heard, it is not true that the REAL ID Act requires states to do anything. The discussion about what is required took place in the context of what would be required for federal purposes, as in "If a state wants its drivers' licenses to be usable for federal purposes, these are the requirements that would have to be met." However, states were not required to meet those standards. Identification meeting those criteria would be obtainable aside from drivers' licenses.

Now that Democrats are in charge, they've come up with a new bill that does require uniformity among state drivers' licenses. However, it's being sold as a "scaling back" of the REAL ID Act. This is an outright lie. By "softening", they're referring to "easier to obtain dishonestly", but the requirements, instead of being voluntary, are being made mandatory. It's no longer "if you want your drivers' licenses to be used for federal purposes"; it's "your drivers' licenses will be used for federal purposes". The federal government is just making it easier for them to be obtained fraudulently.

Repealing the 17th Amendment is the only way to stop the growth of the federal government. Can we do it before it's too late?

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