Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dodd's 'grand strategy' to test Obama's coattails

Dodd's 'grand strategy' to test Obama's coattails: The Washington Times

It was yet another recent health care event at the White House Rose Garden, and there, standing next to President Obama — so close to the lectern that it almost seemed he was on top of the presidential seal — was Sen. Christopher J. Dodd. Given his precarious political situation, it wasn't a bad place for the five-term senator to be.

The Connecticut Senate race is shaping up as a key test of whether presidential attention can carry Democrats to the election finish line, as the embattled Mr. Dodd has taken every opportunity to grasp Mr. Obama's coattails. He's setting records for White House appearances and is receiving heaps of praise from Mr. Obama, his former Senate colleague. ...

Comment: A five term senator wouldn't be such a bad thing if the person actually represented the state that elected them. Dodd, like the rest of the US Senate, is nothing but a lackey for special interest, who has seriously hurt the sovereignty of this country. Senate elections have turned into huge money pits where candidates court, not their constituency, but the interests of those that gain from government collusion. Politics will never be pure as the driven snow, only a clod would believe it could, but with a return of state representation in the senate, a notable amount of illict special interest gain would be abolished.

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