Monday, June 22, 2009

The THINK 3 INSTITUTE: "Repeal the 17th Amendment"

The THINK 3 INSTITUTE: "Repeal the 17th Amendment" By Samuel Wilson
"Repeal the 17th Amendment". My mention of this slogan on a sign carried at yesterday's "tea party" event in Albany has created some confusion among readers, and I wasn't exactly certain myself if the protester knew, ...

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Idahoser said...

There are a lot of ideas people have about what is wrong and how to fix it in the gov't of this country. Nobody but the MSM claims "there is no problem".
While the relative merits of the various plans are debatable, what isn't is that none of them will ever stand the barest chance of success while the States have no representation in DC. The repeal of the 17th Amendment must precede any actual improvement in federal gov't. Until you've done that the rest is just wishful thinking. It's like carrying a gun for self defense- it's only a tool, it doesn't guarantee that you'll win the fight. But not having it guarantees you will lose.