Monday, June 08, 2009

Nanny Republican Senator Urges Tobacco Ban

Republican senator urges tobacco ban; United Press International
A Republican US senator [Tom Coburn]who also is a physician is seeking to ban cigarette smoking and other tobacco use. ...

"What we should be doing is banning tobacco," Coburn said recently on the Senate floor during a debate on a tobacco regulation bill. "Nobody up here has the courage to do that. It is a big business. There are millions of Americans who are addicted to nicotine. And even if they are not addicted to the nicotine, they are addicted to the habit.". ...

Comment: Who is he kidding, this is big TAX business!

If we really wanted to make a difference in health we would stop the importation of processed food from China and start encouraging local and regional farms. We should be supporting small and mid size farms, and food freedom. It's the highly processed food with the mountain of additives that is harming our health. It is the mountains of corn sugars and additives, not tobacco!

I smoke cigars and have no issue with my choice. This whole anti-smoking BS is not "American;" it is socialist/fascist crap. Maybe we should demand tobacco that isn't treated with chemicals, like our food!

And wouldn't know it, it's a REPUBLICAN wanting to control your life, all for your health. Next thing you'll know we'll have Snowe telling us it for the children.

Well enough of my rant...

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