Friday, June 05, 2009

Does the Sovereignty Movement Go Far Enough?

Does the Sovereignty Movement Go Far Enough? American Daily Review
Resurrect the 10 th Amendment, repeal the 17 th and while we're at it let's drive a stake through the heart of the 16 th and all that's still on the ...


John Sanzone said...

I've been looking for others out there who care to articulate the cause for appeal of the 17th Amendment. I want to work on a formal paper, then find a home, calling for the repeal of the 17th Amendment. Interested?

Brian said...

John S:

You are welcome to join the Repeal the 17th Discussion Group at Yahoo (LINK IN THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN), where you can meet about 50 like-minded individuals from across the US, and some have written papers and are working within their respective states to organize local grassroots movements.

Additionally there is a group called Repeal the 17th Amendment, and this group posts through and is located in the Philadelphia PA region, which might be closer to you (LINK IN THE RIGHT HAND COLUMN). (The moderator of this group is also a member of the one listed above as well.)

Over the last few years we have had quite a number of discussions about the repeal movement, so there is a good amount of threaded discussions you can refer back to concerning our comments on the site.

On another note, I always recommend starting a local group through or joining up with a local group such as Campaign for Liberty or the Tea Party, to join up with local like-minded people that you can begin to work with at a local level. Certainly, local folks must accomplish two major tasks: spreading the word to the citizenry; and educating our local political class, especially those elected to our state legislative bodies.

Anyway, check out the discussion board. We are a small number of folks and right now we are not quite at the working group level, but we will share with you what we have, and you’ll be able to correspond with folks that have been seeking the repeal long before I realized the issue (I have only come to the understanding 8 years ago, so these folks have been at it for quite a while).