Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Citizens should be allowed to elect midterm senators

Citizens should be allowed to elect midterm senators; Danbury News Times
The people of Connecticut ought to have the right to elect their US senator, should a vacancy occur midterm. The premise of the right is no different than ...

In Illinois, Sen. Roland Burris has been maligned for how he sought the appointment from then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich for the seat that opened when Barack Obama became president. In a recently released FBI recording of a conversation with Blagojevich's brother, Burris can be heard expressing interest in the seat and discussing raising money for the governor, who since has been impeached. Burris denies wrongdoing.

Connecticut has had enough of its own political scandals in recent memory. Let's not perpetuate the monikor "Corrupticut."

In signing the bill, Rell would be relinquishing the power to appoint a senator to a vacancy. But she would be returning the power to the people.

That's where the power belongs.

Comment: Sadly, the writer has little understanding of US History, but this is the case for much of our country when it comes to the organization of our government at the founding.

This issue has nothing to do with power, but with checks and balance. So more appropriately, the imbalance caused by direct elections needs to be corrected and balance restored along with the representation of the state Mr. or Ms. Newtimes writer.

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