Monday, May 11, 2009

Schumer's Health Care Compromise

Schumer's health care compromise to face test;

Schumer offered modifications last week to the controversial proposal to create a government health plan to compete with private insurers in the health insurance market that will be expanded to include all Americans, including the 47 million now without coverage.

"The bottom line is you need somebody who is not a private insurance company to be in the mix," Schumer said last week. "And there are many of us who feel very strongly about that."

His plan will be one of three that will be discussed behind closed doors by the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday.

Calling it "Plan USA," Schumer said it addresses foes' concerns: It must play by the same rules as private insurers, be run separately from the federal entity overseeing the insurance market, and pay health care providers more than Medicare.

: This is the underhanded way they'll impose socialism.

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